Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Contain Biocide?

Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Contain Biocide?

Posted by Carley Ryan on Jun 22nd 2023

Does Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Contain Biocide?

In the world of synthetic urine products, one question that often arises is whether Quick Fix synthetic urine contains biocide. To answer this question, we delve deep into the specifics of the product and the role of biocide in synthetic urine.

Understanding Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix urine is a synthetic product that is designed to mimic real human urine in every possible way. It contains many elements found in real urine, including nitrates, traces of urea, and uric acid. This product is utilized for various purposes such as calibrating urine testing devices and conducting product tests.

The Presence of Biocide in Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Yes, Quick Fix synthetic urine does contain a biocide. The biocide acts as a preservative, enhancing the shelf life of the synthetic urine, allowing it to be stored without refrigeration, a feature not possible with real human urine. This addition ensures that the synthetic urine remains fresh, viable, and useful for a much longer period compared to if it lacked this preservative.

The Functionality of Biocides

Biocides are chemical substances employed to ensure chemical safety and preservation by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms in substances or on surfaces. They are used in various products, including wood preservatives, disinfectants, and pesticides. In the context of synthetic urine, biocides prevent the growth of fungi and algae, which can significantly reduce the shelf life of the product.

Do Labs Test for Biocides?

While technically possible for labs to test for the presence of biocides in urine samples, it is not a common practice due to the high costs associated with such tests. A single biocide-revealing test can cost a lab thousands of dollars, making it economically unfeasible for most labs to conduct these tests routinely. Therefore, it is safe to say that labs generally do not test for biocides.

Debunking the “Biocide Free” Urine Myth

Some products in the market are marketed as “Biocide Free,” but this is merely a marketing strategy. The presence of biocide in synthetic urine does not affect the final testing results or its use in scientific research. In fact, having biocide in synthetic urine is beneficial as it prevents the urine from going bad, which would indeed be a problem in labs. It is advised to avoid “Biocide Free” urine products as they are more likely to present issues due to bacterial contamination.


In conclusion, Quick Fix synthetic urine does contain biocide, a feature that ensures the product’s longevity and effectiveness. Users can confidently use Quick Fix synthetic urine, knowing that it will work just like the real thing. Rest assured that a valid batch of Quick Fix will serve its purpose efficiently and effectively.

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Disclaimer: Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is not intended for any unlawful or illegal use. It must be used in accordance with all state and federal laws. Please remember to follow the instructions